[BUYING] New Nice Looking Skin - Small Reward

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  1. I am planning to open maybe some of Youtube channel or something and just chose to get a new skin for my steam name and PSN name.

    Steam: TheDeadDawg (Ode to Cody, My Dead Dog)
    PSN: Cody-McGiggs22 (My Dead Dog xD)

    I made these names a while ago and they are dumb but they remind me of him so I kept them.

    Back to the skin!

    The reward is negotiable but since skins are not too pricey. 1750r should suffice.

    The skin should be a dog. It can be any color, preferably brown, or black-ish, maybe white depending on the look. Of course, it will be a humanoid dog. Try your best to make the dog somewhat friendly looking and like a dog.

    Send all of the Skins to: sullifam10@yahoo.com.

    Shane :)
  2. Ask moyaboya if you catch him online :p
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  3. Ok! Will do! I do not know who he is but that doesn't matter, any EMC player is a friend of mine xD!

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  5. bumperoo please people, I really need a new skin xD

    I PM'd Moyaboya.