Need 3 fortune iii unbreaking iii

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  1. Hello everyone I am interested in buying 3 of those picks for 10 to 12k I need it for mining so If you want to sell plz comment below
  2. I have an Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency IV Diamond Pick. 12k?
  3. I don't need effincy I need 3 of those but thanks for the offer
  4. I Have a Fortune III Unbreaking III and Efficiency V. I'll give it to you for 11.5k its slightly used though.
  5. Like I said don't need effinciey
  6. I will help you as it mines faster
  7. It's not as if having efficiency offsets the other effects; stream some HD video in the background and it will be as if it wasn't there at all.
  8. He says HE DON'T NEED IT, why should he care if it mines faster then? And he probly knows that its mining faster, he are an enchanter him self lol
  9. I have a fortune III and effiency IV, 10k?
  10. I have 3 fortune III, unbreaking III, efficiency IV diamond pickaxes that I can sell to you for 33k. You can ignore the efficiency and treat it like a normal fortune 3, unbreaking 3 one.