Near Death Experience

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  1. So...
    I just wanted to share this with everyone and warn them to be extra cautious when near the water.
    I was out with my family tonight for a picnic near a local marina.
    We were taking a walk along the shore when out of nowhere a wild croc appeared. Thankfully I spotted it before it could get too close and managed to snap a quick photo before it went away.

    Please note the atttached photo is not for the faint of heart.

  2. Wow...just wow...
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  3. You were lucky. I've heard they hunt in pairs, so if you see just the one...
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  4. Lol. Really more of these threads? ;)
  5. woa it's all camouflaged with the water too, can't even see it properly D:
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  6. So that's why I can't wear those in gym class...
  7. Your lucky u survived!
  8. Is everyone alright? That could have easily taken your leg off! Crocs are not to be messed with...
  9. Crocs are dangerous! I heard about a few in Disney World that killed a boy... Beware the dangerous croc...

    (Your post made me laugh... I was not expecting that at all xD)
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