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  1. Nation of Snowv(SMP9)
    Hello.I have created the Nation of Snowv.
    Snowv is a place for all players,recently unbanned,new,or veterans.
    We are located in the huge Snow Biome south of Stoneguard.
    We do have a warning though,in the middle there is a Voltian Satellite State.
    Please DO NOT enter that area without permission.
    We have a No-Election Government.Players however,CAN vote on the decisions.
    Snowv News
    I will also be running the "Snowv Chronicle",and I will occasionally post a "Snowv Radio" message.
    Ahh,so your also wondering about Transport.
    Two words.
    Right,here are the ranks for the Snowv Army!
    Field Marshall-kitten3101
    Vice Field Marshall-gollark8
    General-X 3
    Colonel-X How many Federal Administrative Districts there are...
    Corporal-Unlimited,Promotion from Private
    Private-Unlimited,Default Rank
    And here are the ranks for the Snowv Volunteer Force!
  2. Government Positions

    Vice President-gollark8
    Prime Minister-ELECTIONS OPEN
    Mayor of Snowpolis-ELECTIONS OPEN
    Minister of Transport-ELECTIONS OPEN
    Minister of Safety-ELECTIONS OPEN
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  3. Snowv Chronicle Issue 1

    Snowpolis Needing Help
    The Government needs more help on Snowpolis,and donations would also be welcomed.
  4. hey kitten, i like the new thread
  5. Snowv Chronicle Issue 1

    Snowpolis Being Dug
    The land for Snowpolis is being dug currently,and a nice picture to keep you relaxed...

  6. Kitten ... you named my city wrong .... we are not flanders ... we are the city of wrem, and the state name is Wrexham ..... please fix this ..... also we now occupy inzonio again to redevelop the city, so its now one big region called wrexham
  7. So close to other outposts.... Glad it's not near project dark forest
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  8. Bottom right: live map SMP9 in the pic
  9. Lol sorry about that.
  10. Hehe, yeah, yeah right.
    I like it.
  11. I find that all outposts are on smp9... How come there's none on the mob arena server smp5 D:
  12. There are a lot on other servers you just gotta look.
  13. Mine are on SMP2 and SMP8.
    More are coming, but I don't plan to do SMP9 very soon..
  14. Snowv Radio

    "Attention,due to a recent incident in building the Capital City in unmarked territory,we have now expanded our territory to the border with Stoneguard"
    "The Capital City,which will be named Snowpolis,is in need of many citizens"
  15. cool kitten. have you drawn up the new map yet ?? its a good quality one too so i may use it in future ... im crap with computers lol
  16. Ahh,just who I needed to talk to.
    I saw a player named HollyHills105 online yesterday.
    Was that you?
    EDIT:Could you come online?
  17. no it wasnt me ..... someone stole my name !!! im hollyhill105 not hollyhills ...... thats just strange .... my name is actually my address in Northern Ireland !!
  18. yeah, il try and pop on now for a while
  19. That's REALLY weird then...
    At first I thought it was a alt,but when I saw it had a TOTALLY different skin and it wouldn't reply,well...
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