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  1. Hey, I just finished designing the main character for a comic I'm creating and I can't think of a proper name.
    The creature in the fish tank is an axolotl called Axel. If you don't know what axolotls are, ask SoulPunisher.
    The guy is tall, red haired, yellow t-shirt and jeans. Happy face and dots as eyes.
    I can't upload the image to imgur because my connection sucks.
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  2. Well, it is a guy. I am not going to name it Stella.
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  3. lol what if he had evil parents that gave him a girl name XD
  4. Steve? Nikolai? Mark? Nicholas? Jaan? Kevin? Raido? Helger? Gerald? Bob? Santiago? Edward? Jake?
    I ran out of ideas.
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  5. That one :p
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  6. Ok, I will make a poll when I have enough names :) Thanks!
    And don't stop posting names!
  7. Bumpety bump
  8. Name it nick
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  9. Christopher? Fred Erik? Jan Erik? Matthias? Aleksandr? Alex? Theodoric?
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  10. Enough names! Creating thread in 3, 2, 1...
  11. That should be a name.
  12. Maybe...
  13. Name it David. It looks like a David
  14. Suggest more names!
  15. Tuffy McDuckens.
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