Name the Witch Hut - smp8 PWU Opening soon!

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Name the Witch Hut for smp8 PWU

Poll closed Aug 23, 2016.
Sugar And Spice And Anything But Nice 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Witchnado 10 vote(s) 34.5%
Fort Wart 15 vote(s) 51.7%
Witchmageddon 2 vote(s) 6.9%
  1. We are wrapping up the witch hut build for smp8 Public Wild Utilities. It should be open in a couple of days. Time to name it :D Place your vote, cheers and thanks to all the folks who put a tremendous amount of work and investment into this build!

    Give a round of applause please to the builders, miners, investors, pack mules (long story), and helpers!
    • ThaKloned
    • UltiPig
    • CorruptedSmile
    • B0bbyTheBuild3r
    • BenMA
    • WitherDoggie
    • Adrian1995
    • Lee1993
    • Paul1953
    • Jadzia
    • General and Private Willikers
    • tuqueque
    • CattNapInn (Lil_Spartan_Cat)
    • MrCDub
    • AmusedStew
    • KeegsStar123
    • madididiot21
    • AverageWalrus
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    • Hashhog
  2. Ah yes, witch hut builds. I have fond memories of a friend who I helped build a witch farm with, she left EMC though :( Thank you for all the effort you put into this build! :)
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  3. Awesome! Nice job people!:D
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  4. I was thinking THE WITCHER
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  5. Right now, Fort Wart is in the lead. Thanks all for the votes! 5 days till the naming poll closes :)
  6. If fort wart wins will you make the place look like a very large castle made of warts? :p Or, you could wait till 1.10, then build a castle out of nether wart blocks :p Edit:Nether wart blocks break when hit by water, and the farm design you're using uses water... so much for that :(
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  7. It needs to be Witchnado simply so this image I made can have relevance on the pwu thread

  8. rofl! that is too awesome Walrus :D
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  9. Bump, Witchnado and Fort Wart are currently tied :)
  10. Fort Wart is edging out Witchnado right now, bump for your opinions :)
  11. Fort Wart is still edging out Witchnado right now. Please get your votes in! Poll closes soon, thanks :)
  12. Fort Wart has pulled ahead in the voting. Get your vote in before the poll closes please :) Thanks!
  13. Voting ends tomorrow folks, thanks :)