Name The Impossible

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  1. Lately, I've been into forum games for some reason. I don't believe I've seen this one before. It's simple, name something you find impossible. I'll start.

    It's impossible to avoid ponies on the internet.
  2. Its impossible not to like Gangnam Style.
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  3. Its impossible not to get banned if you grief.
  4. It is impossible for toasters, tomatoes, and waffles to use the computer.
  5. That is a lie and you know it.
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  6. SANDVITCH.jpg
    This is a sandwich with a steak in it. Your argument is invalid.
  7. It is impossible to lick your own elbow.
  8. It is impossible to not visit this website.
    I had the urge to self promote, sorry....
  9. It is impossible to throw up talking alien that want to eat your brain.
  10. It is impossible to sit through this...

    WARNING: Has a partially-censored swear at the end.
  11. MAKE IT STOP!!!!
  12. That was the best roller coaster EVAR!!!
  13. its imposable not to get exited when you see diamonds and not cry when there is lava underneath it and they fall in :'(
  14. It's impossible to find a usable picture for a bookstore thread. The closest I got was "Books are awesome", and I had to settle for that.
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