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Are my sword and dagger awesome?

Yes 17 vote(s) 65.4%
There is no other option 9 vote(s) 34.6%
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  1. Now, some of you may be tired of the whole "name my in-game sword" contests, but I swear to you, this one is different. Why? Because this sword is a real one.

    Long story short, I now own a sword and dagger, and they need names.

    Best name for the sword wins 25k, and best name for the dagger also wins 25k.

    May the best name win.
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  2. Those are real?

    JOHN Blade

    CENA Dagger
  3. Either Excalibur, Zweizreaper, or French fry. :p
    Oh, and for the dagger, name it your shanking stick :3
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  4. Cool, how about for the sword ShadowSlayer and for the dagger ThroatRipper
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  5. Jeff Or SirWiiAlot
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  6. The sword: The Lethal Gold
    Dagger: Shortstabber
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  7. Sword: My Little Friend
    Dagger: My Big Friend
    You know, for confusion value.
  8. Beef Betrayer (cause you ARE the BurgerKnight) (sword)
    My shield (the dagger)
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  9. Big sword and little sword

    (The big sword is the dagger ;))
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  10. It scares me so much that someone trusted you with a large, sharp piece of metal. >_>

    Anyway, for names...
    SWORD: Starlight, Nox, Pizzara
    DAGGER: Shimmer, Swalarga, Nyzal

    #Random Names
  11. Sword: Light Bringer
    Dagger: Shadow Striker
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  12. Sword: Timoratus
    Dagger: Excultus
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  13. Dagger - Prison shank.
    Sword - Very large prison shank.
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  14. Dagger: BackstabOP
    Sword: Burger cutter
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  15. Sword: Brisingr (fire)
    Dagger: kveykva (light)
    They go hand in hand both from old Norse words ;)
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  16. Just name all your weapons Chad. Except that dagger. He's Sven.
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  17. Why not name your sword the French Frier? xD
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  18. Le bump. I'm going to be ending this in a couple days, most likely on Sunday, exactly 1 week after this started.
  19. Sword: Justice
    Dagger: Heartseeker

    *edited to add* My katana's name is "Raifu Zoyo Ken" which roughly means "Life Gifting Sword"

    My dual matching daggers respectively are "Pain and Suffering"
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  20. Finn's golden sword of battle,
    Greenbird destroyer.
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