Name Contest(Free Rupees)!

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  1. So on my YouTube Channel I have decided to do a series where I cover the History behind certain Games and Why and how they were made.

    I need a name for this series the prize is 1000r for the best name. This may be payed through My main account NINJATTILA or Alt AttilaMC.

    Games I plan on Covering (So Far)

    -Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    -Pokemon Red and Blue
    -Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
    -Don't Starve
    -Legend of Zelda
    -Super Mario Galaxy

    Anyways I hope you endured my horrible skill at writing threads and may the contest commence!
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  2. HistoryIsAMystery_
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  3. GamerHistory
    Game Playing Past.
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  4. PooFacedFish
  5. Gamer'slegendsoflegendarygames
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  6. NinjattilaGameHistory
    GameHistory (Probably taken)
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  7. GamerOfThePast
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  8. GamingWikipedia
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  9. Attila's TimeMachine.
    Ninja's Documentary.
    Game Time Machine.
    Exploring Game history.
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  10. Gaming through tiiiiiiimmeeee!!
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  11. I like peanuts
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  12. HistoryOfGames
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  13. Games: From the past to the present.
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  14. Game History With NINJATTILA
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  15. Sort of like that however please note this isn't a username Just a title to my show, this will be uploaded on my NINJATTILA channel.
  16. The Greatest, The coolest, the most amazing history lesson you will ever have
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  17. You should try playing Pokemon Green. It has lots of fails in the translation.
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  18. Thats probably gonna be featured in the Pokemon Red and Blue Episode :) Thanks for the Suggestion!
  19. Is there just one episode with all of these games?
    if so then:
    The lost secrets of your favorite games

    If each game gets an episode then:
    The lost secrets of <insert game name here>
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