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  1. Started making GIFs, and I'm having a ton of fun relearning photoshop techniques. This is just my latest gif, and I plan on doing more. If you want the skin, you can find it on my blog (link in sig). I may be open to commission soon, but at the moment it's just small projects like this.

    My skin!

    Sometimes the oscillation flips...hmm...

    Thinking of using this for my signature.

    The res on smp5.

    Also, if you have any suggestions on what I should gif next, please share them here!
  2. That's pretty cool lookin'! You know, some people might like you to make a GIF of someone's skin- not me, but you could totally sell these for like 1000r each if you wanted. Just a suggestion- still, looks great! Keep on keepin on!
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  3. Very Nice
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  4. That's the goal. But for now I need to work on getting them to be smoother. Just this one was 13 frames. And I have a problem importing frames into photoshop; they're not loading in the order I have them listed. So that means I have to go in and re-organize them and watch it play, hoping I got them in the right order. ;-;

    Thank you! :D