Mystery Case Files of SMP4: The Case of the Minecart-Riding Sheep

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  1. The setting: The SMP4 Directory on residence 9308, where a lone jeb_ sheep rides a minecart on a rail atop the residence border.

    The discovery: Today at 6:30 pm EMC time, I was on my res when I noticed something odd, there appeared to be more than 1 sheep riding minecarts on the aforementioned railing. Further inspection revealed that there were now not 1, but 4 jeb_ sheep in minecarts riding the rails.

    The plot thickens: A 5th jeb_ sheep, sans minecart, stood on the rails but exhibited all the characteristics of a hologram; It could not be pushed, eggified, or killed.

    The mystery: How did these sheep get here? Who is responsible? Only 1 player besides myself has build perms on the res, and he is just as baffled as I am. In fact, the railing is not reachable unless one has access to the inside staircase only reachable if you know the named tp. Enderpearl flag is off so I'm not sure how anyone even got up there to place the minecarts and sheep. And what is with that crazy 5th sheep?

    All things being said, I don't really mind the random extra sheep, though I was already planning on re-doing the outside wall and taking the rails down. Also, there is now a magical floating jeb_ sheep on my res that cannot be moved.

    So, here is your chance aspiring EMC detectives - solve the mystery!
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  2. Maybe it was Simon (B4DMAN5IMON) or it might have been rainbowchin
  3. I wondered if maybe a bored staff member was behind it, lol.

    Also, turns out that 5th sheep was just a visual glitch, logging out and back in made it disappear.