My Youtube, What videos you like the most

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  1. Well I am not sure on how to make one of those voting things so I hope this still works.
    Now I make videos on my single player Minecraft world, Empire Minecraft, Destiny, and Halo 4.
    So cast your votes on what you like the most down below.
    1. Halo 4
    2. Destiny
    3. Empire
    4. MC
    Witch ever gets the most votes then I will make more videos on.
    I am making updates to the Outro and Intro since I am doing my best to make them look nice.
    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    I want to say thanks to everyone who helped out. It is really a big help even for a small channel. I know everything I do is not the best quality but I try. The views, comments, and subscribes do help a lot.
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  2. Didn't you have already have a thread like this?
  3. I'd say Minecraft.

    The one reply you got before mine was more than I've gotten on any of my YouTube threads.
  4. A voting one. Not to sure. I tend to have terrible memory. I try to make a voting one but I don't know how to.
  5. Thanks dude :) All the support is great.
  6. Whatever games you want to play, YouTube channels especially gaming ones whilst being game related the personality of the person playing them will ultimately decide whether or not they will prefer your videos over the thousands of others who play that game. But I digress with play whichever game appeals to you the most, you'll probably be more entertaining that way.
  7. Past Halo Reach is better than Halo 4 lol but I vote destiny
  8. That would be Halo 4 and Destiny. :)
  9. Halo Reach is a fun game. Thanks for ur vote :)
  10. I say, out of those four, single player minecraft.