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You recognize me?

Bro you old af, no idea 3 vote(s) 18.8%
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  1. Hello community!

    It's been a while since I been on forums but regardless, I wanted to throw my channel out there of the masses of others who are trying to start up as well. I am currently doing offroading/exploring series which I do every weekend. I also throw in a couple of mechanic repairs. I am 100% Family Friendly.

    Here is my Channel Link:

    My favorite 3 so far...

    If you like this sorta stuff don't be shy, subscribe! Thanks for coming for a look :) I'll post newest uploads here. I try to upload every week either on a Sunday or a Wednesday.
  2. New Mechanic weekend!
  3. Newest upload!
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  4. Sorry two weeks late!
  5. Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving, so why not a new video? Thanks and don't be afraid to hit that subscribe button!
  6. I am very late on these uploads, here is Christmas and Texas New Years!

  7. Thank you community for being apart of my channel. I really means a lot and here is my thanks!
  8. Travellin along with Conductor :)
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  9. love your vids! very entertaining!
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  10. Thanks man! Really appreciate it
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