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  1. I had one of these a while ago, okay slightly longer than a while ago....
    But people kept coming on and ruining the text, so it got abandoned -.-

    However! I've made a new one!

    - No deleting other people's text, unless it is rude or offensive
    - Don't be rude or offensive
    - Come on, general rules of the Empire, you guys know what to do....

    There is no way to tell who is who on the World of Text, and there's no requirement to say who you are! I think it's a fun place to express yourself and talk to people who you may and may not know c:

    Note: It's Just Jax is my "spare" online name, if you were wondering where the name comes from
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  2. Bump!

    We've had a few doodles there already, it's all looking good!
  3. The....owner list? on the site has been updated with pretty much every name known to man
    Thanks whoever did that xD
  4. Aah, I remember that! :)
    It didn't really work on my device back then, and it got wrecked really quickly. Nice to see it back, though!
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