My "website" made on codecademy!

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  1. I just finished the part of the HTML and CSS program on and I decided to post it here, and get you awesome people's suggestions, and better code tweaks.

          <title> Jackies website </title>
          <h1> Jackie's website! <h1>
          <img src=""/>
          <p> Hello there! My name is Jackie, and I have a youtube channel called 'Mariomash1VG'.I am 11 years old, and my birthday is November 23 2003. I do video games, and have great content. I play a lot of minecraft- if you ever see someone named golddigger221 on a server, thats me!
          <p> I live in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. It's a great place to be, with tons of things to do and friends to play with. I go to Cliffwood Public School, and im graduating to grade 7 next year. Can't wait! I also play Pokemon TCG, and starting on this year (2014) I'm playing competitive pokemon.
          I have a father and mother, a sister, and a brother. my sister is 11 years older than me, and my brother is a year and a few months older. Me and my brother both run the youtube channels <a href=""><i>Mariomash1VG,</i></a> and <a href=""><i>Mariomash1TCG.</i></a> On Mariomash1TCG we do Trading Card game discussions and openings about Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.
          <b> Hope you enjoyed learning about me!! :) </b>
    thanks!!!! :) give me all suggestions and comments, mean or nice, whatever. :D
    edit: its really long o_o
    edit edit:::: anybody know how to take screenshots on windows 8? I want to show a picture of the output
  2. Cool, I barely know HTML but I know some.
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  3. By the way if anyone wants to view the output just make a text document, paste this in it, save it as all files and put a .html at the end. Example "GD_Website.html"
    Remember to save it not as a text document but as all files.

    Also to take a pic on any windows just press Print SysRq (Right of F12 on my keyboard)
    It will then be copied to your clipboard so you just press Ctrl-v in Microsoft Paint etc.
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  4. thanks for the info, ill make one soon and I'll see if i can get it on here.
    edit: Nope, emc doesnt allow .html files :/
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  5. Nice. I used Macromedia to make several websites maybe you should check it out. Very useful.
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  6. Use Lightshot :D It's super easy and fast.
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  7. Nice little starter site :)
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  8. It's not that long :p
    The 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard.
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  9. Yea right click this page and press view source 0_0
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  10. That's because this is Xenforo. It's a page with a lot on it. The page that golddigger made is a very simple website.

    Also, SoulPunisher was referencing golddigger's page not this.
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  11. I said that in reference to Golddigger's code.

    Plus: the source of this page is long because it's an Xenforo site. It needs all that to work as good as it does.
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  12. It's good for a start :) If I was you, remove the personal info such as where you live and your exact Birthday :p
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  13. Didn't even notice any of that.

    Yeah... I'd remove where you go to school. The city in which you live is fine - the school isn't. A quick Google Search combined with your city can tell me exactly where you're educated. You never really know the person who could do that next. Not every human being is a nice person (is anyone really a nice person?).
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  14. Its easy to get someones location. Make a random server for kids and look a login IP's then BAM you got the city
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  15. IP's are hardly accurate. In general they don't give an exact or anywhere near the location of the person and can be easily proxied. Plus, golddigger left his school which narrows it down quite a bit.
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  16. You have more than just their city...
    I was also making a point about him leaving his city and his school, which would make it all the more easier to track him down.

    Also as far as I can tell IPs are scrambled so people can't pinpoint your location. The only people who can get your location off an IP are members of government and Police. Outside of that; mainly just clever people with the time and knowledge to trace you. You can also mask them easily.
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  17. * Elite coughs with an air of blasé *

    Sniffers, Hoppers, Tracers all look up your location; Almost anyone can 'track' someone's location...that's pretty easy - The hardest thing is having people 'access' your location (aka hack into your computer or device to use it)

    Without your ip address known, most websites wouldn't know where to send information to when you ask for it to be sent to your device.

    You 'can' , however, use 'ip hiders' doesn't necessarily protect you from the elites but from most novice hackers, snoopers, and the curious alike - by obfuscating what your ip location or address really is.

    Edit: I just realized i'm 10 years older than him 0_0 ...I feel old now xD
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  18. 'ip hiders'? Do you mean a proxy? Projects like Tor allow complete you to be anonymous online and then there are countless numbers of proxy websites.
  19. If you saw what I looked like you would probably wonder why your not 15 years older than me. XD