My voters shovel broke down

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  1. Hi gang!

    Yesterday I went out mining and because I expected to dig out a lot of dirt I brought my voters shovel along. But much to my surprise this happened:

    I kept using it anyway and for sure: eventually it broke and I was left with nothing. That didn't do well for my mood ;) I retreated and went back to town and as soon as I reached the outpost I suddenly spotted that my shovel had re-appeared.

    Is this normal behavior or did I stumble upon a bug of some sort?
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  2. What I like to do with voters tools is every so often I open inventory and lift it. That usually puts it back to 100% durability :)
  3. Right click every so often to update the durability when mining, or just lift it up then put it back

    Although shovels cant be right click it auctually updates the durability
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  4. As they said, Voters tools or tools in the PVP Arena will appear to break down. If you want to reload it before it's broken, just click it and put it back. Otherwise, close/reopen your inventory or relog. :) This is normal behavior for Voters items, so there is no reason to be concerned. :)
  5. right click with it in your hand to refuel its durability
  6. you dont need to open you ineventory, just right click the item as if you were holding a sword
  7. I *think* this is because the client doesn't understand the unbreakable property, so it tries to show you durability loss based on it being an iron voters pick.
  8. Little did EMC know, an Unbreakable property in Vanilla Minecraft appears later on in the game
    (I'm only kidding =P)
  9. Yea, That is pretty normal when that happens, Scares me when it does though...

    Like Everyone else said up above, just click the slot every so often, and it should be fine. :)