My version of /Town

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  1. Click the link below, way too many pictures to post here.
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  2. I like this so far :) Keep it up
  3. I like it. Some of the spawns have gotten a bit, uh, cluttered. :rolleyes:
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  4. I am making my own town spawn too, 18025 or /v +town ;)

    Anyway i like the spawn we have atm, i have great memories of spawn
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  5. Four million anvils for the wiiiiin! Nice build, Sky! Keep it up!
  6. Add more melons, more Nick heads and it should be fine.
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  7. Get rid of the water. I personally hate water like that because it is a pain if you fall in.
  8. Me gusta
  9. Well, if you fall in water easily I guess so but other than that I can always replace with ice or something of that nature.
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  10. Maybe change the lapis blocks to packed ice, the ore blocks to lapis blocks, and the surrounding water to ice? If in 1.7, that is. :) Or keep the lapis blocks and change the ore blocks to packed ice and the water to ice. Though I don't mind the water and think it looks fine now.
  11. Perhaps this?
  12. Try putting the dark oak logs sideways.
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  13. Looks really nice, more of a lodge-y, homey feel. I like it! What are you doing with the surrounding podzol? It looks prettyy good with the new ice/spruce area, actually, since podzol and spruce are pretty much spawned together. They look naturally and woodsy that way.

    Edit: Dark Oak/Spruce are similar, doesn't matter which you use, though the DO looks good now.
  14. Those happen to be the Wild/Waste teleports.
    Glowstone are temp. lighting.

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  15. Does bring a wild air to it all. Maybe use redstone lamps as permanent lightning to continue with the same feel?
  16. Made some little features to the town spawn.

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  17. It has been a while before I posted progress and I believe that I have made a good final town.
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