My two cents on the possible wild reset.

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  1. As we all know, 1.3 is going to come out VERY soon, maybe even today. (Please refer to the Minecraft, Can't login thread) With 1.3, is a lot of new features. These features would need a wild reset for them to be accessed by the common player. If you ask me, we should NOT, I repeat, NOT have a wild reset. I say this because:

    1. The new ore is basically useless. It can only be used to trade with villagers. Also, you can GET them from villagers.
    2. The pyramids would be wiped clean off the map: Well, the area near the spawn. Besides, to many people would complain of being killed in them

    Sure, there will be villages in jungles now, but why would it matter? If you ask me, nothing to big has been added to make this worthwhile. If you really need to see this stuff, just go out and explore. These are MY thoughts, not yours, so in no way am I representing others with this.
  2. And i don't think it will be fair because it got reset before and we lost our grinders and now again i just built mine :mad:
  3. I agree with the both of you.
  4. I share your opinion.

    I've spoken at length on this topic in another thread only minutes ago. At this point I seriously want to hear a senior staff member weigh in on this because all this discussion is meaningless if they arent even considering DOING a reset. ICC posted a few days ago that he seriously doubts that they will implement the villager trading into EMC because of its effects on the economy, but since the rumors about a reset started I havent heard a peep from any mods except Aikar.
  5. No reset!!!
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  6. The Emerald is not useless. You can trade with villagers for things you cannot get in survival, like bottle o' enchanting.
  7. I think that we should not reset the wild because we would lose so much and I think we should just make a outpost far out in un-generated chucks so that the new things will spawn and we won't lose all the stuff that we worked hard on.
  8. Kind of like when we had the wasteland world and the wild world.
  9. It wouldn't matter if there was a reset, or not, as any currently unrendered chunk can potentially spawn any of these entities.. I found a desert well in my second world (which was made in beta 1.6.3).. Desert wells weren't added until like 1.1 or 1.2 if my memory actually serves me correctly.
  10. I have made a suggestion that following the release of 1.3 that an additional outpost be added at 50k+ in any direction as the items would be spawned around this outpost, it would prevent people from having to move items back to town as some people live kilometers from any outposts..
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  11. I think that although there has been a recent world reset, they will do it again. I think that they wil also make the frequent reset areas larger. Theres no way of avoiding a world reset, EMC trys to be as vanilla as possible so theres no way they will leave these new ores unimplemented.
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