My turn! Ask me.

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  1. Okey - I wanna do one.

    Soo Ask me (almost) anything.

    I won't answer anything really personal, I won't answer random trivia questions. You can google them as easily as I can. =p

    So, ask me things - about me - about minecraft. I am good at things like natural spawners and I can hold my own ok in the redstone world.

    Alrighty, GO!
  2. How can you set up a blaze/skele spawner without getting killed, but you kill them?
  3. Did you make your own Minecraft Skin?
  4. Torches and being quick. Non nether mobs are easy to turn off. Just light em up.

    Blazes are harder you have to build a solid box around them, Expect to die once or twice. They spawn fast and those fireballs are a pain in the behind.
  5. Nope, I often find a skin I like and work on it - change colors or what not. This one was out of the box though.

    I use the skindex and miners need cool shoes websites.
  6. Why didnt you add better shading to your skin, if you like to edit them? XD
  7. How did you find out about EMC?
  8. I like her how she is. She is pretty and simple. Angels should be simple. Sometimes - simplicity is beautiful.
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  9. You look nothing like a pig....
  10. One of the server lists. I don't remember which one. I went through a few other servers before EMC. It is still one of the best out there. :)
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  11. how often do u use fly mod and X-ray?

  12. Brother Nolan. You know those are not allowed here! ;)
  13. of course sister melody, was just but a test, you pass
    also what is your favorite song
  14. (Apologies for a minor threadjack)

    No need to die. Fire-resistance potion FTW; makes it easy.
  15. True =p
  16. Very hard question... Would have to be one of these three.

    Or anything Clapton

    This is NOT the Shrek song. This song was in Shrek. lol

  17. What are your opinions on my teachings to you?
  18. Who is your favorite MC with the name Biscuitboy5396 in their name?
  19. why do u have so many cat signs on ur residence
  20. In regards to cave spider xp farms, what do you think is the most efficient xp collection end point. I've always used an iron bar set up, but I find that the xp don't always come through and I've needed to install a sticky piston opening to get all the points. Can you suggest something more efficient?