My to do list before 1.9

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  1. Vote, farm, only login to collect farmed items, play other games on steam.
    EDIT: Short story shorter: get rich!

    What about you guys?
  2. Finish Smp3 Home Project :)
  3. I'm simply enjoying the Empire as I always have. Trying to squeeze the very last diamonds out of the wastelands and seeking revenge on those nasty skeletons even before they can realize where all the hate is coming from :p

    oh; and seeking fights with Momentus. Something tells me it'll be a whole lot different on 1.9 :)
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  4. Trade for more emeralds so I can sell a crap ton of Mending books before they are worth so little that nobody wants them...

    And uh, Make more tools so I can go ham on the wastelands... I'm coming for you new waste desert and (hopefully) waste mesa Utopia!
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  5. emeralds you say that is a terrific idea as people will gun for mending enchant fast. Me included.
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