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  1. Let me say my time so far at Empire has been wonderful, most don't know what it takes to run an operation like this. I do i came to minecraft after running several gaming clans, servers website. etc. (I still admin for them just taking a break) for over 13 years. The staff's time and effort here go far above most and i thank them everything they do. Today i have to debate if i will be back, This is not directed to one person, but every time a new promo comes out its like a feeding frenzy. I have watched the extreme lengths to which people will go to make a profit off of promos and other items. I myself have stepped in many times in chat and told people that they are offering to low a price and have given people basic items to some rather then see them get ripped off. I have use my own ruppees and items to repair greifings in the wild without a thought. I have bought items from people and payed them more then they asked because it i wanted it to be fair for both of us and have had others that did the same to me.

    Today I have reached a point to where I don't feel the need to repair the same greifed spot for the 3rd time, and i saw my own daugher get cheated out of a fair price on a item (less then 50% of its value). I blame her for not knowing what it was worth, but i see this happen many times to others, how far do we have to go to profit. I mean really most of these people that are being take advantage of are kids, and some doing it are too.

    At this point I don't have a clue what I'm going to do but I just had to speak up about the disappointment I feel at this time.
  2. Its a double edged sword in my opinion.

    First of all I agree that seeing people trying to scam one another into things isn't very nice at all. But on the other hand it's also not forbidden. And how sure are you that they're really trying to scam people instead of being a little ignorant of prices themselves? I'm not too sure if you can fully rule that option out either.

    And I also can't help wonder... Is it really scamming if you find out that you could have sold something for a higher price? In the end it's all about what people are willing to pay but also what you're willing to accept. There are 2 sides to the story.
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  3. Purposefully scamming players out of promotional items due to ignorance of value is not allowed on the Empire. If your daughter was indeed scammed, please pm a moderator and myself details of the event so that we can investigate.
  4. The worst part of this experience is it is being done by only a few people. Most of the players here are outside what you are describing. I almost left because of griefing, I understand where you are coming from. But I have decided I won't let the small percentage ruin my fun here and I will not buy or sell from the dishonest.
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  5. As i said its just not this one event that pushed me here. I blame my daughter for what happened. I have had someone use there alt to try to buy a promo from me by saying so and so (one of his alts) shops only pay this much ,but i give you this much....while his alts shop is selling them for twice the price.
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