My take on a Cobblestone Generator

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  1. Hey guys, I made a Cobblestone Generator!

    And with a flick of a switch...

    Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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  2. Nice :) Its actually fascinating how many unique ways people have built these. I like this one a lot, it is elegant.
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  3. Very nice :) I like it a lot.
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  5. That does look better, Iron Fence would look good as well.
  6. im still trying to figure whats going on ad how you did that ...

    verny nice tho
  7. this should be against the rules, its duping, you use to be able to do it with everything, but now its only with sand and cobblestone(AS I KNOW OF)
  8. Generating cobblestone is not a duplication glitch, unlike sand. It uses a natural mechanic in the game so it is acceptable.
  9. This is correct. The sand/gravel duplicators, are not allowed, however and can result in a ban.
  10. how exactly is it natural mechanic?
  11. The big reason sand / gravel duplicators are not allowed is that it drops items instead of producing a limited number of blocks. People big mega ones that drop hundreds or thousands of blocks, and it really lags the server :)
  12. ohh, that makes sense.
  13. When lava flows onto water, it creates cobblestone. This is the mechanic upon which all cobblestone generators are based.

    Sand/gravel generators exploit a glitch in the game that allows you to create new blocks that should not realistically be able to exist.
  14. ohh, I wasnt aware water and lava where used for the generator
  15. How do sand generators work? :S
  16. Black magic.
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  17. lawl
  18. naughty hacks?
  19. How did u do this???
  20. I used pistons to move the cobblestone up.

    I'll be making a 'viewing' area soon where you can see it go to work!