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  1. Hi,
    There are two things I would like to suggest
    1. When a player goes to the waste/frontier it says in chat "huckleberry24 has gone to the wastelands" - This therefore lets players know that they have gone and will not be able to hear town chat
    2. When a player goes to another server instead of it saying they have disconnected how about saying "huckleberry24 has gone to smp3" - therefore players know that they haven't actually disconnected for good
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  2. I personally wouldn't like this. Reason I say that is in the past, I have had stalkers. They would follow me to all of my farms. This was before I knew i could just get supporter to /map hide. They literally followed me everywhere. IMO all this would do is notify them that i left for them to go follow me.
    Sorry, but i have to say -1 from Bro :(

    This has already been suggested before, but I think it would be a cool addition to the current chat :)
    +1 from Bro
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  3. I like the second one, but feel that the first will just clutter up the chat.
  4. Both are bad ideas. Your first suggestion would spam the chat way too much and allow people to stalk others, and the second one could allow people to stalk also. As someone who knows people, and has been stalked themselves, I wouldn't like that. And if it were to become a supporter perk to basically have an 'opt out' feature on it, that would suck too. I don't really want to pay money to avoid being followed (/map hide was understandable, seeing as if someone wanted to follow you, they wouldn't travel a long way - so I traveled a really long way :p), so no thanks pls.
    1. Although it would spam the chat a wee bit, this could be useful. Possibly a player setting to toggle this.
    2. Yes, I would love this.
  5. The issue here is the fact that if I really, really wanted to stalk someone, I could just use /p. Just because it isn't telling me when they travel to different servers doesn't mean I won't still be checking /p to see where they've gone. I mean, that's if I was a stalker and all. Which I'm not. Promise.

    I kinda like the idea of #2, but I do think the first one would really start cluttering the chat. :3
  6. Yeah, but when you know someone's just TP'ed to Wilderness Spawn, you can stalk them without using the live map, which they'll probably be hidden on ;)
  7. This Would Be A Good And Bad Idea-Good Because Then People Don't Get Confused When You Don't Reply And Bad Because It Could Clog Up The Chat-Even Though 50% Of People Say When They Are Going Somewhere Anyways. But Staff Should Definitely Take This Into Consideration.
  8. Just saying high_jacker when you use a capital at the from of every word it is considered spam and is against EMC rules. You're only allowed capitals when grammatically necassary, and besides not many people like it and it makes it look like a book title.
  9. Im Pretty Sure Its Not In The Rules As I Have Talked To Many Staff In This Manner And Not One Member Mentioned Talking Like This-If You Have A Problem Maybe Not Discuss It Here.
  10. Anyone disobeying chatrules ingame or on any of EMC’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and other media used by EMC, will face serious consequences. Tempmutes and (temp)bans account for ingame violation of the rules and various restrictions of access account for violating rules using EMC’s features.
    Do not spam
    Do not say random things just to get personal exposure. If you don’t have anything useful to say, don’t say it.
    Do not randomly advertise for no reason. Only advertise your shop when necessary.
    Do not TaLk LiKe ThIs, it is also considered to be spam.
    This line ^^^^^^
  11. I Do Not "TaLk LiKe ThIs" I Just Capitilise Every Word As I Got Into A Bad Habit-And Once Again, Please Do Not Clog Up 'huckleberry24's Suggestions As He Would Most Likely Only Like Comments/Replies About His Suggestions. Thanks.
  12. as pretty much said by others, #1 would clutter chat too much. #2 is planned to be done.