My Specs for my new laptop :)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by snozles, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    could you guys tell me if these specs are good for minecraft :D
    Here they are:

    CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz
    Memory: 8GB
    Hard drive: 750 GB

    thanks guys,
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  2. Better than my craptop.
    Minecraft runs at 60 FPS with Optifine
    Spore runs at 120 FPS (it was made the year before my laptop was made)
    Team Fortress 2 runs at a mere 20 FPS.
  3. I think the CPU speed is a bit slow.
  4. Thanks man now I am really excited to get back to playing minecraft (I've been without it for months)
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  5. Thanks I'll look into it :)
  6. Those seem good enough, I get 200FPS off mine though, but mine is $1249.
  7. Very slow CPU, I don't think it'll play Minecraft very well. I could be wrong.
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  8. The CPU is probably either dual or quad core. That means, lets say it's dual core, it will have the power of a 3 Ghz processor of both cores are used.
  9. T6ler it does not mean you have 2x the ghz it means you have more computing power they work parallell to each other. only have 1.5 Ghz not 3.00.
  10. So.....what processors do is when you are using your computer they work together. They share the computations that are needed to do something.
  11. You know nothing of how a computer works, you never read a CPU like that.
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  12. This^^^. Also, MC runs on one CPU core (from what i have heard), so even if what you said was right, it wouldnt matter. Cores dont combine.
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  13. Well this proves that I'm not CPU expert :p
    This is what I've read about multi core cpu's. The site (which apparently isn't the most reliable source) where I read this said that a dual core cpu running at lets say, 2.0 Ghz would, at max cpu usage, be as fast as a single core CPU at 4.0 Ghz
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys it's been really helpful :)
  15. Yeah I know how that is t6let. I occasionally get bad info someplace. But thanks for your input on the thread
  16. Nice!
    I hope you enjoy it!
  17. LMAO! xD

    I have been looking into these minilaptops myself, this particular one has my eye as well. It's probably good enough for MC but I can't find any definitive info either way.
  18. I think it's better to get desktops..

    Why?buying 8gb ram and 750gb hard drive on a laptop = expensive.Like I see them on Ebay with like.... 500gb and 2-4gb ram for like alot.
    When you can get a desktop like 3.4ghz 8gb ram and 1tb hard drive for less :p