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  1. Hey people of the EMC community, I was wondering if my signature was working. If it is, it should show a picture of a cat in a Hollister bag making it look like the cat has a muscular man's body, so if you do see it please leave a comment and if you don't please leave some troubleshooting tips.

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  2. Copy this code into your signatire:
  3. It gives a link, try copy and pasting this into your signature box
  4. OK thanks guys, let me try those ideas
    is it just showing a link?
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  5. yay
    it's working on my screen!
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  6. and fBuilderS how did you make your signature?
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  7. Also, how do you quote things?
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  8. Ohh! You use the reply button to get the text the person wrote to come up!!!
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  10. Press the "reply" button on the bottom left of a post.
  11. Six posts in a row :p
    Magic baseball.. magic
  12. Watching baseball620 make consecutive posts and slowly learning everything is one of the best parts of my day.