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  1. Well as most of you know.. I am Kells18. Most of you might be confused with post, upset with me or whatever the case might be.. Last year around summer 2012 their was an EMC uprising of 3 individuals PT, HappyShopper and myself.

    I was dating PT at the time and a little before everything had happened, i thought everything was going good until they started making up lies and accusations about the staff that i myself led to believe were true. So i got upset with EMC and everything also so we went on a huge rant and everything turned into a huge a mess, BUT before PT had come along i had a lot of great friends and everything was going good, I ended up letting a guy into my life and ruin what i had once loved and still miss to this day. I want to make this post as crystal clear as i can. He had manipulated me into thinking the staff were such bad people and all this stuff. I had got my account banned and was never heard from for a hole year.

    Me and PT had split up in the first week of December and we do not want anything to do with one another, it has been 7 months now. The only reason I did not come back sooner was because I have had to finish school and family problems had came up also. PT and Happyshopper did a lot of cheating and manipulating of people and it was not right. All i did was tag along, I did not cheat or manipulate anyone. I was faithful to all my friends on EMC and did not want to hurt anyone or be known as a "cheater".

    I really did not want to hurt anyone or have people think i am a bad person, i just ended up in the wrong crowd and stuck between the chaos.

    I had missed a lot of my old friends so i created a new account called "Baby_Cookies" I had come back and told ICC i was kells18, My Kells18 is banned and will stay banned till i show proper behavior which is totally understanble and completely necessary. I did not come back to EMC to cause havoc or be a headache for the staff. I just want to tell people my side of the story because a lot of people thought i cheated, was apart of their shenanigans.

    So i hope people will understand this and everything and thank you for listening.
  2. If you ever want to make a ban appeal, just log in, find the name of the mid that banned you, then start a private conversation with them here. :)
    It's sad to see people sucked into lies. You seem nice, I hope you can come back :)
  3. I understand, for I have been manipulated in my first days of EMC also. You just have to be careful with who you trust, there are some pretty wicked people out there... That's my opinion but in your case it doesn't matter. I hope you show good behavior and learn from this mistake. :)
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  4. I watched this like 50x :p
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  5. its not a ban appeal, it so people know what happened that knew what happened.
  6. This isn't a ban appeal...she's explaining her past on EMC and telling us about how she's back on an alt to make a new image for herself.
  7. What he said, good going girl let it sing :D
  8. I think the best thing to say is, Welcome Back.
  9. I was explaining how to make a ban appeal if she ever wanted to. Hence,
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  10. I remember you kells18, I never thought bad of you. You were not the bad person in my eyes, I could not associate you with the crimes the others had done. After I found out you were banned, I wondered but never asked why. This thread clears that up for me.
  11. That is the point :cool:
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  12. Welcome Back Kells, I never thought of you as a bad person, You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I still remember your mall and how I wanted to sell you coal.
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  13. what was the res number? Does it include 5? or 7?
  14. Sad how PThaggard dragged you down along with himself...
    But, anyways, glad to have you back. I missed you. :)
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  15. They are no longer their i have looked for old time sake. i don't remember at the moment.
  16. They presumably would have been reclaimed long ago sadly once the derelict policy kicked in.
  17. I knew I recognized that picture in the Show Yourself thread!:p I thought I was starting to lose it... >_>
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  18. hehe jkjkjk is going crazy :p i didnt know if i posted in last years or had my profile as my face or what so i was like ok should be fine. Sorry for the confusion.
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  19. I've never seen you before (then again, i joined 200 some odd days ago)
    You were very mature to make this instead of going "OmG I didn''t meanz it plox plox unbaaan meeee!!!"
    You owned up to what you did, and i admire that :)
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