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  1. ok well recently (like a month ago) i obtained the longest roller coaster on empire minecraft. I am still working on it though. the finished product will go over about 30 res's. btw if a person is off for 10 days DONT TROLL i will try to get all my friends to go on thier accounts with the 10 day limit. if you want to ride its on smp3 7075 just read the signs anyway just thought you guys might wanna know. the roller coaster is free until im finished. i have put alot of time and money into this hope you guys enjoy!!!!!

    Im not asking for donations but that doesint mean i wont exept them
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  2. Ooh. Sounds fun.
  3. Sounds very interesting indeed. :) Hope to see it soon. If possible, do you think you could get a couple of photographs to give players an idea of it? Thanks in advance. :)
  4. Sounds good!
  5. Shenaningans at 7075 and other res's on SMP3.
    Roller coaster entrance
    (The minecarts are out of stock by the way)
    Main roller coaster structure on chris's main res
    Visiting Walmart aka Get your crap then get out
    The new iPad 3 on sale at Walmart
    His 2nd res, looks like he's still building the roller coaster on this one.

    Looks great. I'll check it out again once it's finished :3
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  6. once i get the chance i will take a video of the roller coaster
  7. i will post the video one i am unbanned (dont ask)