My return drop party! 6 PM EST - Sunday

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  1. NOTE: can a mod change the title to reflect the time?
    to celebrate my return to minecraft and emc i will be holding a drop party soon! im stull collecting stuff for it but it will have some rare items like emc fire works and god swords. if you want to donate to the drop party come to my res 19110 on smp9 and drop things into the hopper.
    also if someone can tell me where to get lots of hoppers that would be good, the drop party storage is out of space.
    thank you for reading this small wall of text
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  2. Wow, this sounds fun. Thanks for hosting this! :)
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  3. i have it will be on sunday i haven't decided the exact time as i dont know what i am doing sunday but it will probably be in the afternoon est time
  4. im going to a party on Sunday so i still don't know that time
    also all i have gotten is some melons lol
  5. Will there be any rupees? I liked rupees :D
  6. Seems pretty interesting! Also, when you decide the time, could you have it be EMC time so everyone knows the exact time it'll happen? To find out EMC time, in game do /time. :p
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  7. turns out emc time is my time so i dont need to so that:D
  8. That's super convenient for you then! EMC time is about a hour and a half behind my time. :p
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  9. so its this sunday? yay! what server/res?
  10. 19110 on smp9 i still don't know when this is because this irl party does not seem to have a time...:mad:
  11. An hour and a half? Huh? I thought timezones could only differ hours from each other... :confused:
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  12. Nope! :p
  13. im having it at 6pm emc time sunday:D
  14. thank you whoever changed the title if you have anything for the drop party its almost here so hurry
  15. Sounds fun
    I will try to be there :D
  16. same
  17. less than 30 minuets! remember you can donate to it
  18. 5 minuets!
  19. Starting in 5? I have something to donate, but not in town yet, if you can hold off just long enough.

    Edit: should only be another 5.