My Reintroduction and Thank You's

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  1. I introduced myself quite a bit ago, but I feel like doing it again properly. Not sure why, I just want to. :)

    Going back to when I first got Minecraft, about a year ago now, all I did was build (and die) on single player. This was about 1.8.1, and I never switched off peaceful. A month or two in, and I got a private server for me, my family and my friends to play on. It was a small server, but things were fun - I still remember my invisible TNT explosions...

    Jump to about 7 months ago, and I finally decided to join the Minecraft community fully. I made a Minecraft Forum account and started my community adventures. I only ever made one thread, and that was to showcase my Minecraft Chrome themes. I met a few artists of sorts there, they joined up with me, and I got to use their amazing art on them. I feel that this was one of the biggest parts of my Minecraft life, and to this day, over 35000 people use them. Even at 2500 downloads, I felt immensely proud that I'd created something that other's liked and used.

    But still, I'd never played on a public server. I'd always wanted to, but I just wasn't sure I'd like how it was. After all, I didn't want my stuff to be destroyed, or to be killed every minute of the day.

    I'd been a user of the Minecraft Achievement Generator for quite a while, and the EMC banner at the top caught my eye. I decided that I'd take a look at what it was, it looked pretty good, so I signed up. I didn't really intend to stay long, in fact I didn't even think I'd claim a res. I felt like I was just another guest, and that I should just look around.

    However, from the start I loved it here. I got my brother to join too, who happened to claim a res next to Twitch1's (sadly, neither of those reses are still there). I still remember being scared of dieing in the lava there - I thought that only fall damage was disabled. So, I browsed some shops, and met the owner of one. The owner was called ftyvdryhc, but I'm sure that many more of you know him as Happyshopper. I spent the majority of my first days buying and selling from there, and things were bliss.

    I never really got on well with the wild after almost being killed by a spider in my first minute there, but I still occasionally ventured out. I'm pretty much a town dweller now, as yeah... I still don't really do mobs...

    I also met someone called superrace, who I bought most of the cobblestone for my original res from. The rest I bought from Ssparten117 - they were some of the first people I met here.

    Time passed, I joined together with Drogba921 to make the wiki. He was banned long ago, leaving me with all the weight on my back (-.-), but I survived, and it worked.

    I don't really know how I got to the point I am now... I just... did. I'm still in awe when people recognise me on a server other than SMP1 - I logged into SMP9 the other day, and was recognised by some people who I'd never met in-game. I was honestly in amazement.

    I owe so much to AsscreamCow and Justin for creating EMC, for creating so many fun times for me, and for creating such an amazing community. I owe each and every supporter for helping keep EMC online. I owe the mods for somehow doing an amazingly hard job - I could never do it, and you have so much respect from me. Max, your shoes and madness are just amazing - I still remember when I met you after someone got griefed in town on SMP1, and Eyecar, whatever coding you're doing, just remember to disable the Wither in town. :p Shaun - ban appeals, grief investigations and other stuff you've done for me is appreciated so much, just, thank you!

    And last but not anywhere least, I owe each and every single community member here for making EMC what it is. My fun times couldn't have happened without that - so just thank you so much!

    This is long, I'm bound to hit the character limit soon.... just... thank you everyone! :)
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  2. Hey Jacques ;-)
    Well done reintroduction.
    I love your wiki, keep it going !
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  3. Cool story, bro. lawl Nah jk. It is a nice story.
    Now to go look up these Google Chrome themes you made.
    Hopefully they are still there. :p

    EDIT: Did I read that right? Minecraft Chrome? Is that not Google Chrome? :confused:
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  4. Haha, thanks very much :p
    If you wish to not search, I call this a linky.
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  5. Max, what have you done? xD
  6. It wasn't even Max that started that for me lol, it was his name on :p
  7. Lol xD
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  8. *gasp* You made those? I likey! :) I'm using the Enderman one right now.
  9. Well, schucks. I wasn't mentioned.
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  10. Lol. Same with me. But hi Jack! And if you were bothered to read the guide and need more help read the wiki. :p
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  11. It would have been humanly impossible for me to list everyone I've met here, and I'd be bound to miss it out. Because of that, I decided to name the first few people I met and the senior staff. No one else. :)
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  12. I've decided to make one, going to create the thread now.
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  13. we love you too jack!
  14. OMG THOSE WHERE YOUR THEMES!??? i used to use them. :D :confused: :p
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  15. Yup. Nice to hear that they were used by a fellow EMCer. :)
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  16. I think you will find the character limit is something like 10,000 because I have written 3 times this before and it didn't say no ;p
  17. Don't even tempt me to write 10000 characters, because I promise you, I could write that much about pretty much everything (including the internal biology of IcecreamCows)...
  18. You forgot our epic adventures Jack! :p
  19. I've forgotten quite a lot of stuff. :-P I'll be sticking it on my personal MC blog when it's ready, so that anyone who wishes to read it can. :)
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