My real nether expedition.

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  1. Chapter 1, packing up:

    I did not know when I had left, but I knew that I could use some natural resources to craft and build my way into everyday life. Although this time, rather than going on my everyday expedition into the natural world and going about my regular logging plans, I decided to try something different and new. I decided to venture into the nether and collect valuable nether items such as netherrack and netherquartz. I made sure that I had everything I needed: my starter armor and equipment, and my starter food supply of bread. Then, I uttered the command: /town, and I was immediately warped to town hall. There, I saw different paths that led to different dimensions and realms. I looked around and saw a sign that said: Wastelands Nether. Directly beside it lay a small open corner made of netherrack. I walked into the netherrack corner. But just as I was about to run into the netherrack, I warped directly into the nether. Away from town, away from civilization, away from my home in smp5, away from everyone and everything I knew.
  2. Chapter 2, the start of the expedition:

    I ended up on the other side of the portal, a big temple made of netherquartz and glowstone. From each of it's towers shot a tall, bright beacon of light that signaled home to the nether travelers. From the center tower lay a thicker beacon of light. But it was no less tall and bright as the surrounding beacons. But, as shiny and glamorous as the temple was, the outside of the temple was filled with fire; lava; and strange, dangerous creatures. It was literally hell out there. My eyes stopped short at the sight of a ghast. It was big, white, and dangerous. And worst of all, it shot out big explosive fireballs at me. It's aim was true. But the temple had a magical spell cast over it that made everyone in it immortal and immune to pain, hunger, and sickness. Now, to me came a choice. The cowardly way: Turn around and run back into the portal, or the brave soldierly way: run through the danger and face the world. I took door number 2. I dashed down the temple stairs as fast as my legs could carry me. The moment my body left the temple, I was subject to damage. The ghast fired at me. The aim was true. Although, with no temple to protect me, this shot hurt. Even though I had enchanted iron armor on me, the fireball burned parts of me that had no protection. The smoke was thick, black, and choking; the fire nipped at my skin; and the explosive force felt like a million punches. But I did not stop. I ran and ran my fastest being trailed by a screeching ghast. The ghast fired at me. Multiple shots hit their mark. But just as things weren't about to turn out so well, I leaped behind a wall. The furious ghast searched for me. Then, it eventually gave up and flew away. I sighed with relief and continued exploring. I encountered a pack of pink and white pigmen with shiny golden swords. I feared that they were going to strike me. And so, sword poised in the air, I carged at a pigman and swished my sword at him. It wasn't long before the entire pack charged at me. Our swords clashed and slashed at each other. I fought the pack with my iron sword and didn't stop until the last pigman had fallen. Victory was mine. I searched the floor for any loose equipment and materials. I picked up a used golden sword and a golden nugget that one pigman happened to be carrying. I then ate some bread, and continued exploring.
  3. Chapter 3, the temple:

    I stopped short of a small temple made of netherquartz and netherbrick. Although it wasn't quite as big and glamorous as the temple that led to a place called home. Still, I was fascinated and decided to take a look inside. So I climbed a sturdy netherrack hill that the temple was on top of. I climbed, block by block, gap by gap. Until I had reached the top. I then looked around the temple walls, searching for a way in. On one side of the temple, I saw an empty doorway that looked like my way in. I walked through the door, step by step, as not to alert the owner of the temple as he may suspect that I am a thief. The inside of the temple was mostly empty. But, I saw two large chests. Possibly filled with supplies and equipment for a nether explorer/miner such as myself. I decided to take a small peek at the contaminants of each chest. I saw useful explorer-type items such as water and gunpowder. But I had decided not to take from others at the start of the expedition as it was wrong and punishable by permanent banishment in the empire minecraft realm. I simply closed the chest, and continued exploring.
  4. Chapter 4, Lost in the nether:

    I eventually decided to take a mining stop. I found a perfect netherquartz deposit that might contribute to my mining expedition result. So I stopped walking and poised my pick in the air. I swung my pick at the netherquartz with all the strength I had in my bruised and battered body. The resulting collision cracked the the netherrack concealing the valuable resource. I swung my pick again and again. Sparks and dust flew as the crack grew larger with every chop. One last time, I swung the pick at the block. The netherrack broke apart, and I had myself three decent shards of netherquartz. I repeated the procedure on the rest of the netherquartz and even picked up some netherrack as well. In the end, I had half a full stack of netherrack and half a full stack of netherquartz. I picked up a netherrack bonus as well when I had to dig my way out of the resulting crater. After I climbed out of the crater, I thought decidedly so that it was time to go home. But, truth be told, I had lost track of my current location. I hadn't any clue as to where home was. I hadn't even any clue as to where the small temple lay. I knew I had to get back home before the ghast found me, or before the families of the pigman pack hunted me down and stroke my heart down with their dang shiny golden swords. I ran for hours (of minecraft time). Across bridges, around lakes of lava, and over fiery blockades I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Just as I did when I was being chased by the shrieking ghast. Until eventually, I ran out of breath. I thought that I might as well be stuck in the nether forever. It would be my cause of death, the nether. And I would be doomed to the start of a new lava flow. It has occurred to me that by now, I would have only one final chance of survival, only one final chance to escape the beasts who sought my destruction: I would have to use the live map of empire minecraft. So, using every bit of strength in my near deceased vocal pixels, I uttered the command: /map. Not a while after, a blueprint for the map of the entire world entered my mind. I had used the blueprint to subconsciously search the internet dimension. A map had suddenly appeared in my instincts. And, although the map did not indicate which angle I was pointing towards, it may as well direct me back home using it's indication of my current location.
  5. Chapter 5, mapping my way back home:

    I saw myself on the map. I was currently about one (Minecraft) mile away from home. But, somehow I could feel that I would make it home. So, using the last of the strength in my bruised and battered muscles and body, I ran. With only one goal, one thought in my head: make it out of the nether alive! As I continued running, I eventually stopped short at the sight of a giant netherrack wall, blocking my way home. I thought that I might as well be doomed. That I would be stuck in the fire, surrounded by lava, and eventually, killed by ghasts and pigmen. I was not so sure that I had the strength to raise my pick and hack my way through the wall; the barrier that separated me from home, death from life, dark from bright. But, it would occur to me that it would be better if I had at least died trying. So, once again, pick poised in the air, I hacked with all of my strength. The netherrack block cracked and disintegrated. I hacked and hacked. Block by block I swung and fought through the barricade. Once I had hacked away the last block, I saw a most incredible sight. Four small slices of light pierced into the air, surrounding a thicker slice of light. I had made it! I was almost home! My muscles pumped with adrenaline, giving me only the strength that I needed to survive and run as my legs repeatedly hurled me forward and towards safety. Suddenly, I tripped, and I fell. Down, down, down I fell down a deep, deep hole. The pain of the resulting impact was blinding. The pain was indescribable. As nearly half of my health bar vanished. I suffered not only the pain of the impact, but the pain of failure. I was THAT close to making it back to my home. But I had not ceased triumph. As I looked around for anything that may save my life. My only option? To dig my way out with my pick, as I had done to collect the netherrack, and to face the netherrack wall. Just one last time, pick poised in the air, I hacked and dug my way out of the hole. Block by block, chunk by chunk, until I had finally reached the top! I simply walked the few remaining chunks to the stairway to home and safety. As soon as I had reached the top of the staircase, I stopped to take a breath. And I looked back. Back into the outside world in which I had worked so hard to escape. Prickles of relief filled my broken (but safe) body.
    Now there wasn't any need to run, no need for hurry. I simply strolled back to the portal. Back to town, back to civilization, back to smp5, and back to everyone and everything I ever knew. I simply uttered the command /home, and I warped back to my simple but cozy oak house. I opened my door and was thrilled to feel the inside of my home once again. The sun set colorfully behind the horizon as I set my stuff in my wooden chest, walked up my simple stairway and into my bedroom. As the sun finally slipped behind the horizon, I was in my cozy wooden and wooly bed that I had built myself. Finally, remembering the gristly day that I had, I closed my eyes, thought happy thoughts, and slept quietly, peacefully, and restfully.
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  8. I liked the details you added, it helped flesh out the story. Some writers tend to use the same adjectives over and over again, which can be annoying, but I thought you did well in adding some variety. :D
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