My problems with auctions I make

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  1. I have been making a lot of auctions recently, and people will always bid on them, but when they win the auctions they will never pay for them, even if they say they will. I made 4 auctions recently where people haven't tried to come pick them up or pay for the auctions. It has been bothering me a lot and I was wondering if something could be done about it. I give them a lot of time to pay, and I notify them every day, but the people who win my auctions will never pay for them. I have waited for over a month for some auctions people have won and they ignore me when I tell them about it.
  2. Report it to a moderator / Senior staff and have them use their magic.
  3. Telling a moderator is always nice! ;)
  4. We seem to have opposite problems here... The winners of mine pay, but never pick up the materials, even after being reminded around 8 times:p
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  5. Not paying for an auction is big fat nono. Thing is, if you pay and the seller stiffs, you, bad on seller, and seller can never use auctions again, you get your stuff or money back.

    Wow. midnight grammar. To bed for me.
  6. As a bidder, you're expected to pay after 48 hours - unless there's an agreement between parties, but 48 in most cases - after that, contact a moderator and they will talk to the players involved and/or have them black listed from both auction sections.:)

    Parties inverted, the same is (probably) expected of you.
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  7. I have been waiting on someone to pick up their 3 Double chests of eggs since Jan. 14th. They paid me on the 18th but then every time I did /p and their name they hadn't been on in so many days. I'm not looking to be black listed or anything like that so I have been afraid and wondering. I've not heard from him since.
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  8. The problem with my auctions is that no one bids in the first place... But anyways... People probably can't be bothered to pay and collect the item. There is always this competition between people in auctions even if they don't want/need the item. But I hardly do any auctions so I am not 100% sure
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  9. Not having an opportunity to deliver the auction goods due to lack of response from the winner and refusing to do so are two vastly different things.
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  10. Yes but I didn't want it to turn into some strange occurrence where I somehow get blacklisted or something. xD
  11. Who would dare blacklist you? :cool:
  12. if this keeps happening u could report it to moderators or u could put a notice on ur auction saying

    Winners of the auction MUST pay and collect within (u choose the time limit) or the auction will be restarted!!! :D