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  1. Hey i did a video showing everything on my plot! This plot is about complete i think i just need to finish little things such as Pathways and shop etc.. but i am working on a new plot on my alt. I can tour your plot too ! Just leave a comment saying your ign and yea :)
    Alt: /v Happydanterobot
    I dont know if this is "Advertising" if it is please let me know and ill take it down!
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  2. Advertising is 100% allowed on EMC.

    Also, very cool plot. I love the corners particularly.
  3. u sure because in the rules it said no... but is it allowed on the fourms im wondering
  4. You're not advertising other servers, so you're fine :)
    You're staying on EMC, which is 100% legal
  5. This might be "advertising" to a certain degree; but most certainly not the illegal kind (as karatekick2001 already mentioned). It's simple; people post links to youtube video's quite often, and the only difference here is that the link points to your own channel. That's not a big deal at all.

    In fact I really applaud the effort you put into this. Always nice to see Empire video's pop up IMO :)
  6. Sent you a little something to help you out. Check your rupees!
  7. OMG THANK YOU! <3<3<3<3
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