My Photography and a request :)

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently bought myself a new camera just before Christmas and have been playing around heaps and learning a lot about the wonderful world of photography!

    Below you will see one of my latest shots taken on the West Coast of New Zealand.

    I have just entered it into a contest to win a prize package (Canon Camera and lens kit) which I would like to give my brother should I win so that he may enjoy photography with me.

    If you could, please vote for this photo here.

    Thanks so much guys, hope you like this photo.

    P.S. If you have flickr add me here and check out some of my other photographs!!
  2. Nice! Do you have any tips on how to make nice quality photographs like the one above(Apart from "get an slr camera!").

    Edit: voted for yours.
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  3. That's an amazing photo...

    Where exactly did you take it?
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  4. Photo or drawing?
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  5. Hey thanks!

    In advance I appologise for this being so long, but it should give you a lot of info :)

    I would never say to someone go and get an SLR, because getting an SLR doesn't make you a good photographer just like that.

    There are many types of cameras out there, SLR's - SLT's - Digital Compact Cameras (point and shoots) etc, each have their own benefits and can all produce stunning photographs. A professional photographer who knows what they are doing can produce better photographs with a point and shoot than an inexperienced SLR user who doesn't know what they are doing. So you see what I say to anyone is, be prepared and and have a willingness to spend a lot of time watching/ reading tutorials and learning all you possibly can to improve your skill set.

    The type of photography for my photo above is called HDR photography (High Dynamic Range). Basically cameras never capture all the light as you see it when you are taking a photo. (For those interested, a camera can capture about 3 stops of light, whereas the human eye sees about 11.) So there is a big gap between what you see and what the camera sees. HDR photography allows you to bring all the light you see when standing in the scene onto the photo.

    The three photos here is the set of images I combined and edited through software to produce the image above. Taking three photos like that is called auto-bracketing, where the camera takes one under exposed shot, one perfectly exposed shot, and one over exposed shot. This allows you to capture a wide spectrum of light. You later combine these photo's and play around with the levels in software.

    If you would like to find out more about this type of photography here is an awesome place I found and learnt from:

    For other HDR photographs by the guy who wrote that tutorial check here.

    Hope that helps


    It is a photograph :)

    Whatipu, West Coast of New Zealand :)
  6. This is a pretty spectacular photograph, which is now my desktop background. I have voted. I expect to see more of your work.
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  7. The one that's winning isn't even that good IMO... Your's is a lot better :p
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  8. Great picture... nuff said!
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  9. *follows thread* I'll vote when I get home, bout to go to school. :3
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  10. Oh wow awesome! I thought people might want to use it as their desktop background so I re-sized it to 1920 x 1080. Thanks Nick :)
    Hehe, thanks Jacob :)
    Thank you!!
    Alrighty, enjoy school :3
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  11. Voted :3 What kind/type of camera do you have? :)
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  12. Following nick on this one, now have an epic new desktop background :p

    I also voted for yours.
  13. Voted! I hope you win! I'll tell my friends to vote too.
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  14. Voted! Good luck :3
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  15. can you put up more of your work to bump the thread occasionally? it looks exceptional plus you have lord of the ring landscapes to show us!
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  16. That's amazing!
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  17. Thanks, I have a Canon EOS 70D.
    Awesome enjoy!
    Thanks man :)
    Cheers :)
    Sure!! I'd be happy to do that :)
    Thanks! :)
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  18. Voted :p
    Hope you win this :)
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  19. Voted! I am loving this picture, so many contrasts...the more I look at it the more I see in it and the more I want to be there, lol. :)
  20. Thanks!! :)

    Sticking with the sunsets, here is one I took on boxing day, it is a view of the sun setting behind the city I live in (Auckland City):