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  1. My hiatus is almost over.
    My laptop, almost dead.

    I'm building a PC, and I'll finally be able to play actual games with actual framerates.
    Check out my build on PCPartPicker.

    All parts have been bought, according to the build I've made on PCPartPicker.
    Parts that have arrived:
    • Everything!
    The build has been finished as of 3/19/2016. I call it Project Carbonite. Scroll down for pictures!

    So, that's pretty awesome :D
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  2. Nice. It's funny though, I just got a new laptop which replaces my potato laptop. Coincidence or not? DUN DUN DUN
  3. Great choice IMO for the price. Congratulations :)
  4. Only a small price of $1730(I didn't add 99 cents half the time, I was lazy and I used sale prices.) :p

    In regards to the original post, looks like a nice computer, should run games well enough..
  5. The case (Cooler Master N200) and the graphics card (Asus STRIX GTX 960 OC 4GB) have arrived!
    Now I just need the motherboard, RAM, and CPU. Storage and PSU have already been acquired.

  6. All the parts arrived yesterday. I built the PC, installed Windows, etc.
    Here's a picture of the final setup:
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  7. Woo! Hope to see ya around more here.
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