My Paintings/Drawings!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I mostly like writing, but in spare time, I also like to paint and sketch and stuff.

    COMMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSED. I can either sketch or paint. Not super great at drawing people so just keep that in mind. I specialize in landscapes and other stuff like that.
    If I sketch it with plain pencil it will be around 5K-20K
    If I sketch it then color it w/ colored pencil it'd be around 15K-70K
    If I paint it, it would be around 40K-100K

    PM me for a commission!

    For a skin commission (shown below), the price will be about 20K-50K. Or (for a limited time), you can mail me two valentines day promos and I'll make one for you!

    For a painting commision (shown below), the price will be about 40K-100K

  2. More: These are both paintings from my self-published books. I painted them as well. For personal reasons, I cannot show u what self-published books, but maybe in the writers corner I can post a little bit from them. :) (sorry about the poor lighting on the pics)
  3. I really like this one
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  4. Also from self-published book. (look above)
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  5. I might be available for commisions if ya PM me a price and details :)
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  6. Do me a drawing of my skin in whatever style will ya?
    I'll pay whatever it ends up being, keep up the great work stony ;)
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  7. Alrighty!
    Working on Eviltoade's commision rn but I will get to yours as soon as I am able :)
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  8. Ty! <3
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  9. I love your art! Nice Job!
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  10. All of these are awesome! well done!
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  11. Here is Mochoa's commission!
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  12. Commissions are still open!
    Working on Eviltoade's commission, but more are welcome! PM me if u want one!
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  13. Could you do my skin, I'll pay you with allowing your advert on my thread and help with your parkour. If thats not good PM me
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  14. I've done a lot of owls! This one's really good! I'll be sure to share some on my thread after school
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  15. Here is The_Y0sh's skin commission!
  16. I like the perspective on this one
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  17. Want a drawing of your own skin like the ones shown above?
    If ya mail me two valentines day flowers (2019), I'll happily make one for you!
    (let me know that u sent them, cause I can't see them online ;) )

    PM if u have any questions or if youre interested!
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  18. Your art looks very nice. Keep up the good work! :)
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  19. Here is Eviltoade's commission!
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