My Pagoda Burned :(

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  1. Nothing to to fire took control and took down this cool Japanese styled temple :(

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  2. Pro Tip
    /res SET firespread false
    (this will prevent ANYTHING from spreading - exception of lava and water flows - /res SET flow false for those)

    Also, remove permissions once its done - you are responisble for your own plot.
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  3. Thats brutal! Rebuild it twice as big!
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  4. How did it burn down
  5. Hired 4 workers to dig dirt and i returned 20min after and fire already spreaded to mutch
  6. Who had perms?
  7. I hope you remember those four workers names.
  8. Griefers that happened to me once i hired a guy to help me restock some of my diamond i had only a stack left then came back after mining out my diamond ore with fortune pick come back 3 mins later and my diamonds were gone.
  9. ehmm dosent matter Icecreamcow and R0bb is looking on it
  10. Just because someone burned it down doesn't give you the right to go rage mode and start swearing and breaking the rules :)
    I hope you learn that from the day you've earned away from us.
  11. Step One: Don't leave workers unattended.
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  12. Never have workers that you don't trust.
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  13. That's terrible. Your pagoda was really cool, though. I hope you rebuild it twice as big, and also that you learned a valuable lesson about giving out perms on your residence.
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  14. Did you place your blocks and then mine it with a fortune pick?