My new thing on my res at 8299 server 4

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  1. Ok so here it is I want to do a new thing and YOU..... [The beautiful people] can help. If you guys that read this have extra rupees that you DON'T MIND giving me I can ensure that you will get noticed for it. The rupees will be used for a game these are the winner prices......

    1st place: 2000r
    2nd place: 1000
    3rd place: 500

    these prices may vary depending on how much money/rupees I'm going to recieve THANK YOU..... [The beautiful people] for reading this, Red_Mystery ;)
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  2. I could donate 100. Im kinda broke. :p
  3. I can give you 10k.
  4. :( You beats me.
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  5. It's not about who donates the most.
  6. Oh, it matters about who supports, anything counts.
  7. If you did donate please tell me the amount thanks.
  8. *fixed:p
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  9. Can you please give more information about what the donations are for?
  10. thanks 4 the donations
  11. they are for prizes for my games on smp4
  12. What's the game going to be?
  13. guessing games
  14. What will we be guessing?
  15. Haha probably the names of you three...:)
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  16. 20,000r donated :D
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  17. lols thank u all and it will be guessing numbers
  18. Are you sure that you can do that?
  19. Like "I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100000000"?
  20. 7777777 is my guess