My new signature (possible signature service)

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  1. Hi guys,

    What do you think of my new signature? I'm very new to 3d animation and this is the first one that I have come up with. If you would like a 3d minecraft signature, make me an offer in PM. Not all offers will be accepted, so no offense if I say I'm too busy or that I won't do it for that cheap (takes me a while to make these).

  2. Very cool :D
  3. All I can say is WOW! It's amazing! :D
  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback :D
  5. Wut did you use to make this I won't to try
  6. One thing: Awesome :)!
  7. Cinema 4d R12
  8. Looks awesome! Too bad I don't know how to make animations in Cinema 4D, just Blender, and I can't be bothered with using blender.
  9. That creeper is invincible...
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  10. Haha, yeah, I was going to have him fall over dead and bleed out blood with some cool liquid effects, but A) it was like 4 AM here when I got as far as I did, and B) didn't know if it would be too violent for an all ages community.... the not falling over thing... that was just laziness LOL, but the blood was what I thought might be too violent.
    I will likely keep working on this, as I'm not sold on the animation of the sword either.

    EDIT: Hmm, or maybe I'll just have him explode after he stands with a sword in his head for a moment...
  11. LZ made my sig.

    -I paid for it, and I'm very happy with the result; LZ was very helpful in tweaking it.

    Highly recommended!
  12. Blood makes things more exciting.
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  13. could you possibly make one for me?
    ill pay 1k
  14. nevermind
  15. Nirvana?
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  16. Gonna need to pa more then that buddy.

    And hows my sig going on lz?
  17. if i could figure out how to use blender i would make one for my self