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  1. Emc thread.png Hi guys and girls, I'm just posting this as a brief notice that I am soon to be becoming a Gold supporter, and of course this means that I will be getting my second plot. Now I have been planning what I am going to be doing with my extra plot for a while now and I have come to a conclusion. I will be making a castle-esque build with a modernized structure. I have started building the outline in singleplayer creative and I'd just like those who are interested to see my progress. As you can probably see from the picture attached I will be needing a lot of sandstone and this is the main point of this thread. I need all the donations possible from the delightful citizens of smp1. If you are willing to spare some of your sandstone please message me before hand and I will shortly be making a donation box at the residence of 1270. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a Great new year!
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  2. In a few weeks you will be able to have a donation box that cant be looted!
  3. it looks cool i like the shape of it
  4. Looks great! That outline is sweet!
  5. that is a brilliant shape. lol, it looks awesome!
  6. And he can't now? Or am I missing something here?
  7. I think he's talking about hoppers, and how they go directly into the chest. So therefore, he can set up a water stream, that people cant take stuff out of.
  8. Thanks Guys for your support, don't forget to drop a like =D
  9. the blue outline is just a 60x60 guideline so I know it can fit on my plot
  10. Hoppers probably wont be here in a "few weeks" If I'm honest anyway, we are well off the release of 1.5.
    Just set up a buy chest to buy it for free, simple.
  11. According to the minecraft wiki it will be here in jan. or feb. pretty sure it will still be jan. in 3-4 weeks...
  12. We have only had the one snaphot so far, we can expect a lot more before main release.
  13. I'll keep all those who are interested up to date with my progress in creative.
  14. Ive been toying with it for about an hour now and heres what ive come up with. Over all im going to be using 368 Stacks of sandstone, 14 stacks of glass and 24 stacks of birch planks Progress.png
  15. The glass and the planks will be easy to get.
    I might just be willing to sell/donate the birch planks myself.
    But, the sandstone? Well good luck lol
  16. Thanks rainbowchin, are you on smp1 though?
  17. I really hope that's a typo and it should be "36.8 stacks"...
  18. Nope, but I can hop on over with them.
  19. nope :(