My new parkour!!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by AussieZaid, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hi all It's me, AussieZaid!! How are you all doing? Well about 2 weeks ago I have made a new parkour on my 1st res (4046) The prize is 100r and a diamond but heres the catch. If you win you will have to give me your head so that I could stick it on the wall of people who have completed my parkour!! Good luck guys and please read the rules before you start to be aware of anything that is not noted in this thread. The rules are located on your right hand side once you get to my parkour. If you are wondering how to get to my parkour then just write /v 4046 and then once u spawn when you type that there will be green wool in front of you and theres a button on it and a sign above it that says Click this button to go to my hard parkour! :D good luck!! 2015-01-29_14.02.01.png
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  2. I'm not really a parkour type of player, but this is quite an interesting challenge ;)
  3. Can I complete the parkour but opt out of the prize/beheading myself?
  4. Well one of the rules of my parkour is that there is no Prize if I'm not on but if you complete the parkour and I'm on of course you'll get a very nice prize which is 1 diamond and 100r!!
  5. haha thanks shelLuser maybe you can try this parkour to make it not challenging xD