My New Home

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Rezxz, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Over the past few days I've come back to emc after a long (2 year) hiatus.

    I just wanted to share my newest home with you and invite anyone that wants to, to come and see it (SMP8 16460).

    I plan on opening up a new shop and hosting drop parties again in the future. I also have some other ideas for bigger events that I hope to get started soon.

    This server is still as great as it was before and I'm glad to be back :)
  2. I think it looks awesome, thanks for sharing! Next time I'm around on SMP8 I'm definitely going to try and look up your residence :)


    At the very least to discover the blue thing behind those windows (NO, don't spoil this for us!) :)
  3. This looks cool, you have already shown me your res but I might stop over again to check it out! Also wb!
  4. First off, welcome back to the Empire. Second, your place looks great. Can't wait for your shop to open, hope to see you around the wastes and wilds.