My new DropZone Place

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  1. I have made a Place called DropZone. a place where there is drop partys! 2 out of 3 overall say its cool or fun! only 30r to get in. If you love it you can buy a DropZone hat and you can donate. 16 items alltogher drop In 1 game. 25% chance of 1 diamond! Everyone loves it so don't miss the fun!
  2. "2 out of 3 overall say it's cool or fun" "Everyone loves it"
  3. I was thinking the same thing :p
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  4. yes i have made a mistake but that does not matter (cool fun and love are all different)
  6. wut.
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  7. Die of what?
  8. ...
  9. This is BRILLIANT!
  10. Um, wut? :confused: