My netherhound dissapeared ...

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  1. I spent 65k for a netherhound yesterday. I spawned it in a room which is closest. Go to bed, wake up, log in. Netherhound gone. Can't find it anywhere on my plot. Did I just wasted 65k to thin air or is there some catch I missed out on the netherhounds? Doesn't it spawn back to plot like all other animals if it leaves the plot? This is normal or did it just glitched away? I know that fresh spawned baby animals can walk through walls for example. Is it maybe because I log in on the 1.8 version? Any idea's what just happened?
  2. Enraged mobs, in my experience, have a chance of despawning on EMC. I had an enraged baby zombie disappear right in front of me while hunting for Momentus earlier in the day.
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  3. But it was in town on my plot :s
  4. It's possible that it extends to the town as well. However, Aikar, Chickeneer and Just_Five can speak to this matter much better than I can. Hopefully they will see this and give their input.
  5. Did you tame or rename the Netherhound?
  6. Did you use bones to tame the Netherhound? If you haven't, then it despawns when you have left the chunk. This happened to me before because I forgot to tame it. I'm afraid that it won't come back, you'll have to get another one. :(
  7. Oh.. ok :oops:
    I spawned in a closest room, thinking the puppy would be ok. Then later I thought about the bones, but it was gone :(
    Ah well.. Thanks for the input all!