My mom > your mom.

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  1. I am going to all of my social media and expressing how happy I am. My mom buys me the coolest stuff.

    HNI_0044.JPG HNI_0033.JPG
  2. Well...
    My mom can beat your mom in a fight!
  3. Don't think so, boy. My mom's got a black belt in being-the-best-mom-ever kwon do.
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  4. Oh shit. I will walk myself out now.
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  5. llama10.jpg Its on ;)
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  6. Well if you asked for the figure, then she is not the coolest. She just has money...
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  7. My mom made me. Nuff said xD
    That's a pretty cool Jason figure!
  8. I didn't ask, it was a surprise. I never ask her to buy me things. When she does buy me something, it's always the coolest.
  9. I know, right?
  10. llama9.jpg
    This is all I want :)
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  11. yeah well i am my own mom, and im better then your moms combined so boom