My Modern House :)

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What do you think of it?

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  1. I was Working on a build Of A Modern House On Creative Sp,
    Its Kind of like one you might of seen On youtube but tweaked into my way.
    I Might Post a Tutorial For it later :)
    Sorry About No Texture Pack On My Pics. They Wernt Were Not Working Well At The Time :p
  2. It looks cool, but it's very small, you should try to create something a bit bigger, but in a similar style.
  3. Ok, I was kinda Just testing a design :)
  4. I Worked on this for a bit. A Side project from the mansion im building :)
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  5. 2013-07-11_20.33.33.png Small Draft Of the Mansion -
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  6. Any Ideas Of What to build are welcome :)
  7. What Should I add to the Mansion?

  8. i remember watching this video the day it came out, its nice to see someone elses twist on this house :D
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  9. Thanks It Inspired me to make theese. And belive it or not. I can make some decent Builds Right... :p
  10. i have watched the keralis videos since i started playing Minecraft. i think your build fits right in :p
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  11. \o3o/ These are awesome. I love small houses for some reason and these are really neat. :D
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  12. Thanks :3 Im gonna make an interesting one right now :)
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  13. A Little SandStone House I was working on for a bit :p 2013-07-12_01.50.39.png
  14. Im Gonna Make Starbucks Lol...... Post what I should build next :)
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  15. The Starbucks Kinda Turned Into looking like a house :3 2013-07-13_16.06.10.png
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  16. love it these are epic
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  17. Please Comment what I should build next :) Thanks
  18. A giant statue of me Uh I mean a nice little house with a garden?
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  19. Sure :) I might be able to make a statue of you but it will be hard :3
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  20. You watched one of Krealis's video on the house