My Minecraft House

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  1. It's my first Minecraft attempt at a "House". It's supposed to be "Haunted" but i need 1.5 redstone before i began. There is a graveyard in the back, full of moderators,senior staff, and admins just for laughs lol. I'm still working on the inside and i plan to "Scary it" a little bit. You can find this at 10864 on smp5. Hope you all like it =)
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  2. Also, there is gonna be chest up with goodies when i can work some 1.5 magic :). But you will have to work for them, they will be well hidden =)
  3. I think...
    I think we have a new Eclipsys, people...
  4. Wow! That is such a nice comment ;_; Your making me cry. Lol
  5. Don't say that, we might make the old Eclipsys feel threatened and lose him...
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  6. We already did...
    He's moved onto cough on a field's cheap, imitation of EMC.
  7. I'm thinking of a scary noteblock song...... Any ideas?
  8. Makes me think of a little story I witnessed in my mc life.

    It was on another server, which was much smaller then EMC, so you basically knew everybodys name at least. There was one player, who always cried on the forums, that the only way to make money is to kill monsters or trading. And as he wasnt good at trading it was only monsters left. But he was very scared of them. Silly some of you might think now and so did I back then.
    One fine day I happened to find his castle in the wild. It was a very simple structure but it was a quite big cobblestone building. In the front there was a sign with his name, so I knew it was his. As I kinda wanted to see how this scared one is living I went to explore his castle.
    It was like in a HORROR movie. This player managed to build the most CREEPY building ever. There were many rooms, which had dark spots even in day time, many smaller rooms. Some rooms only could be entered through ladders. And in every single room there were at least 3 monsters. It was fascinating and scary at the same time. Those things came crawling out of the most unlikely places.
    Gosh I knew what made him like this. He must have thought the wild is even worse then his home XD

    P.S. as a close friend of eclipsys, I want to say that comparing those to players is unfair to both of them ^^ They both sure have building skills that are over average, but they are 2 persons. So lets just give him his own credits without taking other players as messurement for his skills (especially not some of the really exceptionel ones ;) )
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