My Mansion

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  1. Hi.
    This is a mansion I built on a LAN world.
    The mansion is loosely based off of the house I live in in real life.

    link to the pictures:

    My real life house:

    You may be asking: "Is that really your house in real life?!" The answer to that question is a definite yes!. My parents just bought the house at the beginning of February and we moved in about Feb. 23.
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  2. Can I live with you? :eek:
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  3. I would have to say no.

    The guest house in the back of my real life house is occupied by the parents of the person who we bought the house from for 2 years :(. And the guest room in the main house is occupied by my mean, crazy, and old grandmother
  4. Oh well, it was worth the try.
  5. So you live in a MANSION? Yeh , Your rich :p . You should get diamond supportership
  6. I should, but not right now
  7. I live in a much smaller, but much more pretty house than that=)
  8. my real life house is 9,000 square feet. There are a total of 9 garage bays in this house
    The guest houe is 3,000 square feet. There are a total of 3 garage bays in this house
  9. 0-0 Holy COW! I would LOVE to have a house like that ... but my mum wouldn't :p
  10. And the property is 93 acres:eek:
  11. wow... just wow...
  12. Very awesome. I always thought about making an IRL version of my house in Minecraft. Cool to see that someone else had that idea.
  13. at one point, I had the idea to make an IRL version of my NEIGHBORHOOD. :confused: ill post a world download if you want :p (it's unfinished)
  14. Mm. House. Me wants. :D
  15. Jennypoo is also doing this.
    Also, you rich man!