My little break from EMC

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  1. Hello, its meerkat.

    ...No, im not leaving xD
    Lemme start explaining whats going to happen,
    I'll be taking a break from emc for a few weeks (2 3 or 4, Ill vote to not got derelict in case)
    Currently, Im spending a bit of time with my irl freinds.
    And im just starting to lag too much, its getting harder everday. Thats why im known as the slowest meerkat on earth, Dont say download optifine and them settings stuff, Ive did that all :D. Its just my tiny old laptop, But by Jan 2015, I should have a proper gaming pc (hopefully)
    The meerkat mall may have to wait months to get progress done.
    I think thats all I have to say. If you need to ask a random question, (e.g Do you like caramel?) Use my profile thingy jig ;)

    Bye guys, see ya all later on :)
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  2. We'll see you soon meerkat, best of luck with what you do while you're gone and we'll all be here waiting for you!
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  3. Muahahaha! Get them to join in on the fun! This way you can kill two birds with one stone!
    I hear you regarding the computer. Going back to my old laptop to try and get on, is horrid. Miss my computer.:(

    Indeed, we shall all be here waiting! Be sure to get on the forums to check what the latest happenings are!
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  4. Most my mates don't come on servers when id like em to, anyway I will be on foruns :D hehe
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  5. Thinking about coming on 5 days earlier.
    Anyways ive had some fun on my break :)
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  6. Awesome! First person to actually say they're going that I've seen and not come back on a day after :p
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  7. I dont know what I should do now,
    im losing interest in minecraft all together, and I just hate my slow laptop.
    But I would like to see the emc-ers again..
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  8. I'm the same, I've lost the majority of my interest with minecraft, hence my break from it :)
  9. Stay at the forums, at least :)
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  10. I do stay on forums :D Maybe not as much but yeah,
    If I do get a PC, I will come back on alot
  11. Question time!

    Does voting help derelict? My good freind said yes amd so did others, but im a nutter and never notice fully :D
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  12. I might also come back on every once a week. Like a Saturday or somethin
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  13. yep voting resets your derelict counter
  14. Thanks :)
  15. no problem also welcome back
  16. yes it helps to not get derelict C:
  17. Yup, as mentioned above, voting resets the derelict timer.
    However, be cautious and check your 'status' or vote maybe twice a month (once every 15 days) just to be sure that the vote went thru and got counted.

    For double safety, be sure to take any of your 'valuables' out of your res and keep em in vault.

    Another good solution, if you think there is even a chance you can't vote, is the permanent derelict voucher!
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  18. Thanks alot ;) Ill keep my promo and stuffaz in my vault
  19. Everyone needs a little break now and then because if you keep doing one thing too much, you may just end up hating it over time. My friend, life has its many mysteries where each individual most face and cope with Life in their own way.
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