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  1. Who else is pumped?
  2. Discuss anyone xD?
  3. bout' Time :p But its gonna be amazing :)
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  4. As NINJA said, it is about time that Kingdom Hearts 3 came out. I'll admit, I spent countless hours playing the original Kingdom Hearts on PS2 (and I think beat it a few times if I remember correctly, that is, if there is an end to the madness).

    That and the entire LEGO series (on Xbox 360) were some games that I enjoyed playing with my mom, I'll admit. Both Kingdom and LEGO Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, etc... are very, very entertaining, and there is so, so much to do in them (kinda like a game we all play, huh?). I've gone from all that to Black Ops 2 :eek:

    Sadly, I probably will not be getting Kingdom Hearts 3, as I have less and less time to play video games as I get older, and I'm too occupied with BO2 and EMC. I feel like when the next game of a popular series that I enjoy takes forever to come out, I just lose interest in the game and never end up buying the next one in the series (another example would be Guild Wars 2...countless hours spent on all of the GW games, but never had the urge to go pickup a copy of GW2).

    But, all in all, that was a great game series, and if you have never experienced Kingdom need to head over to GameStop ASAP.
  5. P.S. - Sora still has those outrageously big shoes, so you know it's gonna be good one :)
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  6. I remember beating Sepiroth on KH2. I hope I don't have to do it again in 3, because I may just break something.
  7. It took my 3 tries......