My IRL Birthday

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  1. So, my IRL birthday is coming up soon, and my mom wants me to make a "Wish list". I don't know what to put...

    Here's what I have so far:
    Any suggestions?
  2. Money for a supporter membership
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  3. Oh my brother has turtle beach headphones(I think)
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  4. What do you like to do? For Christmas ( I know it's far away) I'm hoping to get a laptop, but guessing what u want is like naming an acorn..
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  5. I still need suggestions.. My mom wants it done tonight.
  6. Food and cake! :D
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  7. An iPhone 5. Or the supporter subscribition like sqiugglyjeff said.
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  8. I can help more if I know your age, gender, hobbies, and price range :)
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  9. I'm male. I like playing Minecraft, playing Minecraft, and playing more Minecraft ( :p I'm not really sure what to put other than Minecraft.) For price range, since I'm not really having much of a party, probably $200 from my parents, $200 from my grandparents, and $100 from my other grandparents. My aunts and uncles probably won't spend more than $25.

    EDIT: Oh wait, that doesn't have my age. I am...*drumroll*...13!

    We don't have TV, just Netflix, and that is on the computer only, so... If I got a TV, everyone would want to use it.
  10. Any video game systems? Also, an entertaining thIng is a big Inflateable shark who h is remote controlled which "swims" thru the air
  11. Lol. Sounds like something my dad would play with for a week or two. :p I want to get an Xbox, but that is probably out of the price range.
  12. Ya..... Go for gift cards, then horde them until you get enough for somethIng..
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  13. Nooooooooo Samsung S3 is still superior in sooo many ways. Get an s3! Its a really good phone!

    You'd think apple would have learned that quad core phones are where its at now, yet they are still using a dual core processor in the Iphone 5 :rolleyes:
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  14. The thing is, though, I probably won't be getting a brand new phone, and when my dad upgrades to a 5, he will have a 4 that would just sit around and to nothing. If I got it, well, let's say that I have a crappy phone right now. :l
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  15. Any more suggestions? I know that with the time zones, other people will be on now that weren't on when I posted this.
  16. happy birthday!
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